South African Transplant Society


Vaccine Prioritization (5 July 2021)

This link is intended for transplant recipients and patients waitlisted for organ transplantation (older than 12 years) to submit their information to the Southern African Transplantation Society (SATS) who will engage with the Department of Health with this information to hopefully assist in the inclusion of transplant recipients in the national vaccination system.

Please also submit your information as per directives of the National Department of Health based on age criteria in addition to this form.

SATS will put forward your details as provided to the Department of Health for prioritization for COVID-19 vaccination as a transplant recipient or waitlisted patient.

We do not control the process from here and are attempting to support the National Department of Health in prioritizing transplant recipients and waitlisted patients as a high-risk group and lobby for our patients.

By completing this form patients certify they are transplant recipients or waitlisted to receive a transplant and that the National Department of Health may take steps to verify this information based on information provided.

Keep well and keep safe.

Dr David Thomson
SATS President

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