Transplant Coordinators Society

Founded on 30 June 2017, The South African Transplant Coordinator Society is a body created to represent and unite all coordinators in South Africa.
SATS, with support from ODF, hosted a coordinator workshop in Johannesburg on 30 June 2017 to provide an opportunity for coordinators across the country to come together to workshop current issues in procurement and transplantation. The workshop was attended by more than 50 coordinators, some who are full time coordinators and many who are coordinators secondary to their primary role as a professional nurse. The desire to drive change and grow transplantation in South Africa was clearly evident, as was the need for all coordinators to have a representative body.
It is inspiring to see how many nurses are also working as coordinators in remote hospitals around the country. With this however, comes the need for support, advice and education from the main transplant centers in SA. This embodies the primary function of SATCS. Having already elected a steering committee and adopted a Code of Conduct, SATCS is currently working on:
  1. Creating a database of all coordinators, job titles, hospitals covered and transplants done
  2. Consolidating areas covered by coordinators in each region and identifying hospitals not covered
  3. Standardizing documentation, where possible eg. donor booklets, referral forms
  4. Providing support and education for coordinators in remote hospitals. Some do not have experience in obtaining family consent, nor do they have a doctor readily available to call on when there is a potential donor.
  5. Training of newly appointed coordinators
The current steering committee comprises 6 members, one recipient and one procurement coordinator from each of the three main transplant centers. The members are Anja Meyer (chairperson), Mary Duncan (secretary), Venessa Wentink, Ann Stuart, Luke Steenkamp and Lucille Claasen.
Although in its infancy, SATCS has already made huge strides in uniting the South African Coordinator community and will continue to grow and provide much needed support.

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